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Quality Connection Agency

Established in 1988, Quality Connection Agency is a multi-faceted business marketing and development, event planning agency

At QCA, we are in tune with up-to-date business development management, new age ways of marketing and event planning.

Our Services include but are not limited to:


Our Mission

Our Mission Statement Quality Connection Agency (QCA) est. 1988 (Quality Connection formerly Quality Connection Consultants) is a multi-faceted business marketing and event planning firm. At QCA, we are in tune with the most up-to-date business development, event planning and new age ways of marketing. We pride ourselves on being very innovative, hands-on and cost-effective in today’s business world. QCA is here to make a difference for you, your business and the world. We are bringing to life each great idea, one client at a time! We are your KEY TO BUSINESS EXCELLENCE”



Get to Know How We Work for You!

All of our business associates continue to stay on top of their “respected” areas of business to give QCA’s clients the BEST in business development services.

Quality Connection Agency is a firm that believes in utilizing the best of the best and those who specialize in various areas to help give our client’s the absolute best business marketing and development resources needed to compete in the marketplace. Everyone knows there is no “I” in Team so we bring in a team of our valued business professionals with expertise in various areas. All of our consultants continue to stay on top of their respected areas of specialized business to give QCA’s clients the excellence in areas of digital marketing,  new technology, graphic design, legal, computer services, music production, visual arts and more. We know that we can’t do everything GREAT but we will strive to give you our BEST and those who can!

QCA’s owner, Dionne Dearing is a high-energy creative marketing and business development sales person. She tends to attract others who have the same passion and drive and are willing to strive to to be successful. Dionne loves to network and meet new people to see how she can help bridge the gap to assist in the growth of the brand or business with her innovative ideas. One of her personal quotes in business is:

“A business without good marketing, customer service and profit, is not a business, it’s just a hobby!”