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EVENT MARKETING specializing in all aspects of events such as; business promotional marketing, corporate events, celebrity-hosted events, fundraisers, themed events and customized parties or specially designed dates including yacht excursions and private catering.

BUSINESS TO BUSINESS NETWORKING AND DEVELOPMENT we provide business connections for many different types of businesses to assist in the development of a product or service as well as seeking investors. We broker deals and negotiate contracts from the smaller local level to multi-million dollar deals internationally.

SOCIAL MEDIA MONETIZING SERVICES technology is forever changing and we keep in close contact with top programmers, developers and technical guru’s to keep up on the newest ways to market through social media and capitalize on the many sources of revenue streams your brand can benefit from.

BOOKING AGENCY SERVICES dba QCC Events handling all aspects of booking (hosting, appearances, performances & private shows) for well-known local entertainment talent or reality/celebrity clientele (see our events website for a list of current clients and to sign-up to be on our QCC Talent list)